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Hello Everyone! I am thrilled to have you visiting my page. My intention is to surprise you here with bonus footage, personal reflections and clips from some of my other creative projects. JWeekly Canada is our love-letter to Jewish Canada and we hope you love it as much as we do. 

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Last Season I did a 12-part series called The Elevator Show. Every day people ask me how I came up with the idea to host a talk/variety show from a residential elevator... the truth is I came up with this idea when I was 11 years-old and kept it on the shelf for many decades. Early last year in a writers meeting, my Elevator idea just popped back into my head. Weird how that can happen.  I said to myself at that moment, "if I don't try this now, I never will."  So we taped and aired 12 segments during Season 3. The response from our viewers has been amazing and I appreciate the support so much. Please check out the Elevator Show below. I hope you get a kick out of it!! 

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Ieden Wall is a best-selling poet, comic, journalist, host and TV producer. 


At 19, Wall was hired to be Rogers Community 10’s man-on-the-street reporter. Wall’s segment called Off the Wall  became one of the most popular segments on the station’s youth magazine. He won 2 Ontario Cable Awards for his off-beat reporting. 

In the late 90's Wall created, wrote and produced a reality/comedy web series called The Dream Chaser. The show was in development at FOX REALITY for 6 months but was not picked up. He did however produce a one-off TV Special with Mayor David Miller for SUNTV in Canada. 


Wall's first book of poetry called The Wisdom of Wall sold over 30, 000 copies in its first printing and has been the recipient of numerous awards. 


Wall produced a collection of poetry films from his book which aired on TV, in Canada, Australia and the UK. 


Wall was a regular contributor to The Canadian Jewish News. 


A lover of Kabbalah, Wall always makes time for learning and teaching alike. 


His vision as a producer, coupled with his on-air charisma makes him one of Canada’s most dynamic media figures. 


The former Program Director at CFRB 1010 Steve Kowch said, "Wall has an uncanny knack to get people to come on his show and reveal deep secrets and personal details. He is one of our country's great conversationalists." 


​In 2019, Wall created Canadian Jewish TV, the first weekly Jewish program on OMNI TV in 30 years. 2 years later he launched The Elevator Show, the world’s first talk/variety show, taped from a residential elevator in a luxury

condominium.  In 2023, Wall rebranded Canadian Jewish TV as JWeekly Canada.  

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